If there is indeed a topic in mathematics, which is becoming more and more common in the curriculum, it is probability. This is why it is important to master this topic. For this, Franck Peltier offers small ideas to help you find your way, when faced with these calculations. They are not difficult in themselves, since you use them unconsciously, most of the time!

Probability, what is it? Franck Peltier explains

Probability refers to randomness. There are many situations around you where this aspect plays an important role. For example, a car accident or gambling are random happenings for which this discipline accounts.
It is therefore by studying this aspect that you will be able to predict happenings. Thus, probability is a mathematical calculation that defines the degree of likelihood of an event occurring.
The general rule is that every probability is between 0 and 1.0 to signify that the event will never happen, and 1, to signify that the event will definitely happen.
Take a very simple example and examine the probability of having a boy or a girl. There are thus two possibilities, either the boy or the girl.
The probability that one of these two sexes happens is 0.5 or 50%.

If we summarize probability, it is the percentage chance of an event occurring or happening. It is a great way to analyze forecasts and predict whether or not an event will happen.
Moreover, it is useful to help you develop a logical mind! As you see, it can be used in all areas.
It is an extensive topic that touches many aspects, and even several sciences. That’s why Franck Peltier is so passionate about it.